Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our house

Hope you liked the tour. Come and visit!

The back of the house
TaDa!!! My favorite part...Laundry room- complete with washer/dryer
Extra room (still a working progress)

Our bedroom

The kitchen again...

The Kitchen

Pete in his office...sk8 board shelves and all!
The living room

The dining area
Front view
Here is the outside view of our house. The red PT Cruiser is Lee and Becky's car...They are letting us borrow it until we get our new car :)

Today I had a day off from work and decided to take pictures of our house so our Minnesota and Michigan family can see where we live. Enjoy!


  1. Anne. how big are your water color pics? I want to frame one in our house, so I can add a little ray of sunshine. I like the stripe ones. A LOT. love you.

  2. What a cool place!! Love your white chairs, Pete's messy office and the amazing huge kitchen..!! You guys rock!! I too love the striped water color pics!! Love love love you!! Thanks for starting your new blog..