Monday, February 16, 2009

Blog time!

wow! I have a blog!

Check out my blog to see what is going on up here in good old Michigan!

For those of you who don't know, I am doing an internship at Portage Lake Covenant Bible camp. It's definitely a transition from North Park. I do a lot of random things...I help with programing retreats, cleaning, mailers, making coffee drinks, and helping run the retreats we have here every weekend, and other random things. It's fun.

Being outside of the city has been DIFFERENT to say the least. I can actually hear my own thoughts! I like it!

We have had yesturday afternoon and today off! It has been the best. Petey and I went on a walk along the lake yesturday and it was so FUN! This morning I went over to Pete and Matt's and made my Mom's Swedish Pancakes! yuuum. Eric, Will, and Beth came too- Check out the pics!

SOOOO good.
I love being Swedish!

This is Matt and Beth J. and the other picture is Will and Eric!

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  1. Hey you share your mom's Swedish pancake recipe or is it a family secret....I will share the coffee punch recipe if you share your Swedish pancakes!!!!
    This is so cool that you have started this blog... I am going to share this with Margie...did you hear she is a his name....Mark and Megan's new baby!!!!